I started collecting F1 autographs in 1963

Detailed information

Jim Clark, he was the reason for me to start collecting autographs

I started collecting F1 autographs in 1963, mostly very active but there were also a few years that I was not so active. Beside the F1  I also have many autographs of F2, F3, Le Mans, Indy, A1, (GPM Grand Prix Masters), WRC (Rally) etc. etc.

More detailed info 

F1 World champions starting from 1950 (complete)

F1 Autographs in total more than 4000 pcs

F1 Grand Prix winners starting from 1950 (complete)

F1 Period 1975 - 2021 complete

F1 podium finishers 1960-2021 complete

Dutch F1 drivers - complete

Women in the F1 - complete

Rally - World Champions starting from 1979 - complete

GPM Grand Prix Masters - complete

DTM - many years complete , F2, F3 , F4, Indy, Le Mans, > 3000

Period 1926 - 1949 several very interesting autographs

Many signed programs

Many books, posters etc. etc.

My whole collection is stored in an office building which is less than10 kilometers away from my house (temperature and humidity controlled !!).

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